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Re: Debian on i486

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 08:15:07PM -0400, Leonid Grinberg wrote:
> I am hopefully going to recieve an old i486 machine, and for kicks, I
> thought that it would be nice to install Debian. Does anyone know how
> I would go about doing this, as well as how much success I should
> expect to get? 

It should work; there are still -386 kernels in the Debian tree. You may
well have to boot off floppy disks, as I don't recall seeing many 486
motherboards that were able to boot CDs.

That said, I've found that NetBSD/OpenBSD perform much better on 486s
than do modern Linux distributions.



Paul Dwerryhouse				| PGP Key ID: 0x6B91B584
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