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Re: xserver-xorg crash: "configured mouse"

Chuckk Hubbard wrote:
This morning I did a dist-upgrade and everything appeared fine.  It
upgraded several hundred packages, including xserver-xorg, a whole lot
of python, and some other stuff I can't remember.

Better next time use "script" and then do the dist-upgrade. Then you get to keep a complete record of the upgrade and you know exactly what went off.

Also before an dist-upgrade, backup, so when there are doubts you just restore and everything is back to normal.

I traded some packages around then, traded hotplug for usbmount if I
recall correctly.  I did get Linux to mount my usb drive.  I wrote a
line into /etc/fstab, like /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb etc.

A little while ago I shutdown and started again, and sure enough
xserver-xorg isn't working.  It says it can't find the configured
mouse.  It doesn't give the same options it gave previously, it offers
"ImPS2mouse" and "ExplorerPS2mouse".  I tried both, it consistently
Can anyone help me, or is there anything I can report to help?
I thought I was running DeMudi testing, but when I dist-upgraded I
don't know if it stayed with DeMudi or what.  A whole lot changed.


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