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Re: Digital Camera Flash Memory won't Mount

Mike McCarty wrote:
My girlfriend has a Sony Mavica MVC FD200 with Flash Memory
cards. The card reader is a Dazzle USB card reader. It mounts
just fine with Windows XP, but does not mount with Debian.

Googling around produced simply reports of problems reading
these things at all. One recommended using Belkin, but another
recommended against Belkin, for example.

I found more than one "How To", but thjey were dated ca.2001,
and seemed to be more how to mount *any* USB device, rather
than specifically how to use cameras, and was more about how
to install the USB support modules. This machine mounts an
external USB hard drive with no problems.

Hi, I have a Sweex 6-in-1 memory card reader. It came with Linux drivers on cd (although I've not connected it to my Linux machine, I don't expect any problems). I learned that most problems come from vendors who don't commit to usb standards.



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