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Re: 2.6 kernel image for AMD-K6-2

> You got it wrong. That's about the linux-image-... kernel packages which
> have only few profiles, not including -k5, -k6 and many others.
> Eduard.
I could not help to tease a little.
The 1st thing I did after my Debian basic install was simply to compile my
own kernel.
Seemed the most logical thing to do, and I never thought about using these
standard packages.
Allthough later on I gave it a try to see what it would bring.
And just like many other people I just had some "minor" problems using these
standard packages.
Too much work and too complicated, and problems to.

So for me and maybe for others, simply compile your own kernel.
Debian makes it easy with the Kernel package.
And of course in case you have todo some re-compiling, ccache is great !


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