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Re: Mip-o-suction (horrible performance)

On 08.07.06 15:15, Rich Johnson wrote:
> I have just converted an old NEC PG350 (500MHz) w 256MB and 20G(WDC  
> WD200BB) disk from WIn'98 to Debian Sarge and ran into a problem I've  
> never before encountered with Debian:
> Performance that is HORRIBLE beyond belief!
> For example:
>  -  ~16 minutes to boot (A 10 yr old 130Mhz PowerPC is faster) to  
> GDM login screen.
>  -   >2 min. just for for ''calculating module dependencies''
>  -  >3 min. just for hotplug
>  - ~10min. from user login to a settled Gnome desktop.
> What gives?   I've never seen such bad performance.
> What diagnostics/benchmarks should I be looking at?

Don't you have disabled/broken CPU L1 and/or L2 cache? Try installing and
running memtest/memtest+

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