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make_kpkg does not build modules


i'm trying to build a kernel and modules image with make_kpkg. this
works fine for the kernels (target kernel_image) but the modules
aren't built. instead of executing the corresponding commands they are
printed to the terminal.

i tried it in several ways (modules, modules_image, deleting the
debian dir, ...) but without success.

any idea what could be wrong?



matze@assata:/data/kernel/linux-source-2.6.15$ fakeroot make-kpkg
exec debian/rules  DEBIAN_REVISION=2.6.15-10.00.Custom  modules 
====== making .config because of Makefile ======

test -f .config || test ! -f .config.save || \
				            cp -pf .config.save .config
test -f .config || test ! -f .config || \
				            cp -pf .config .config
test -f .config || test ! -f ./debian/config || \
				            cp -pf ./debian/config  .config
test -f .config || (echo "*** Need a config file .config" && false)
for module in  ; do                       \
          if test -d  $module; then                                \
					    (cd $module;                                          \
              if ./debian/rules KVERS="2.6.15"
							KSRC="/data/kernel/linux-source-2.6.15" \
                             KMAINT="Matthias Kaehlcke"
														 KEMAIL="matthias.kaehlcke@gmx.net"      \
                             KPKG_DEST_DIR="/data/kernel/linux-source-2.6.15/.."       \
                             KPKG_MAINTAINER="Matthias Kaehlcke"
                             ARCH=i386                    \
                             KPKG_EXTRAV_ARG=""        \
                             KDREV="2.6.15-10.00.Custom" kdist; then
                  echo "Module $module processed fine";            \
              else                                                  \
                   echo "Module $module failed.";                  \
                   if [ "Xfakeroot" != "X" ]; then      \
                      echo "Perhaps $module does not understand
											--rootcmd?";  \
                      echo "If you see messages that indicate that it
											is not"; \
                      echo "in fact being built as root, please file a
											bug ";  \
                      echo "against $module.";                     \
                   fi;                                              \
                   echo "Hit return to Continue?";                  \
												 read ans;
              fi;                                                   \
               echo "Module $module does not exist";               \
               echo "Hit return to Continue?";                      \

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