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Re: how to scroll wheel events to multimedia keys in kde?

Toshiro wrote:
> IMWheel: A daemon for X11, which watches for mouse wheel actions and outputs 
> them as keypresses
> What I want is exactly the opposite of what imwheel provides.
> Regards,
> Toshiro.
> PS: Of course I'm running xorg (in sid)

Oh well....hmmm - are you using 'xmodmap'?

Perhaps some combo of;  
* keymaps 
* loadkeys 
* dumpkeys 
* xmodmap 
* kbd_mode

All those above have man pages (you're likely aware of that)

Highlighted/Cached google search (for quick perusal/scanning for info, keywords
are highlighted in diff colors);

Maybe using 'Bind' perhaps.?

The only thing I'm able to tell about mouse wheel movements is that KDE assigns
( Ctrl + [ ) and  ( Ctrl + ] ) as alternates to scrolling forward/backwards
through Tabs, but ONLY when the mouse pointer is hovering over any Tab
itself....otherwise the Page scrolls up/down.

Apologies i can't really be of more help...


p.s. -- Perhaps also try the ' comp.windows.x ' NewsGroup - They seem to have
very specific X related topics

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