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Re: Xwindows and Emacs

Hi Paul

$ man xrdb

can help you.

$ xrdb -query
$ xrdb -load <file_contains_resources>

are good starts.


Paul E Condon <pecondon@mesanetworks.net> writes:

> Long ago, I was a RedHat user. When I moved to Debian, I kept a copy
> of a file, .Xresources, that made Emacs display under X in a way that
> I liked.  Now in trying to use Etch, I discover that the file doesn't
> work quite the way I want under xserver-xorg. I want to tweek it, but
> can't find docs that address my questions in a way that I recognize. I
> think my main issue is with the line:
> emacs*font: fixed
> This is used in a lot of X config files that are published on the web,
> but I can't find any information about what its actually intended to do.
> For me, it changes the size of the font that is used to display the text
> being editted. Without this line the size is bigish, with this line it 
> is smaller by two or three points. In Etch, with this line, the text is
> also in condensed type, that is the letters are scrunched together so as
> to fit more letters in a given space. 
> So, there appear to be default font selections set up somewhere and this
> line switches among them. Where are these defaults set up? In both xorg
> and in xfree? Where can I find an explanation of the value 'fixed' in
> this context? What other values are accepted in this line? What do the
> other values do? Etc.? 
> -- 
> Paul E Condon           
> pecondon@mesanetworks.net

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