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Etch Beta 2 / USB Floppy

Hi All,

I am trying to install the testing distribution on a PIII Sony Viao
laptop.  The laptop cd drive cannot be used to boot from (3rd party
PCMCIA drive) and the floppy is a usb drive.

I am using the boot.img, root.img files from etch beta 2:


The system bios is set to boot from the usb floppy and it boots the
boot.img just fine.

After coming up, the install prompts for the root.img.  When I press
enter at this point, there is an oops and the usb floppy cannot be
found.  I am guessing that the install is at this point using its own
floppy driver and it expects a proper, non-usb, device.

I installed stable on this laptop earlier, and did not have this
problem.  I believe there was an oops when accessing the root.img
floppy, but it then proceeded to read it just fine from the usb drive.

I know I can install stable and then upgrade to testing, but that has
its own set of problems on this laptop.

Is there a way around this?

Bob Smither, Ph.D. - Linux User 281-331-2744; fax:-4616 Smither@C-C-I.Com
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