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RE: eth0: flipped to 10baseT appears on login prompt

> > There's a 3com EtherLink III 3C589B PCMCIA adapter
> > and when the system boots and the login prompt appears
> > a message "eth0: flipped to 10baseT" appears twice
> > and messes up the login prompt.
> Ok. When u log yourself into the system and do a dmesg|grep 
> eth0 what do u 
> read?

eth0: 3Com 3c589, io 0x300, irq 3, hw_addr 00:20:AF:85:8F:D0
eth0: flipped to 10baseT
eth0: flipped to 10baseT

> Which kernel do u using? Try to update it.

I have updated the kernel once.
I'm using the 2.4.27-3-586tsc and I think that is the newest one of
the "classic pentium" kernels. There seems to be no 2.6 kernel marked
with 586tsc (classic pentium) in the end.

> > You can get the login 
> > prompt displayed again by pressing enter and everything works.
> Which ethernet speed go your system?

The card is 10Mbit/s. The connection works fine. I have only
been using it with a 1Mbit/s ADSL internet connection (bridged).

 Mikko Fallenius

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