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Re: Grub question?

Bob McGowan wrote:
> >> On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 12:11 -0400, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> >>I am thinking of installing debian on partition /dev/sda6
> >>(on a SATA hard disk). Grub menu entry for root partition:
> >>
> >>will/should it be (hd0,5) or (sd0,5)?

> > It is (hd0,5). Grub uses hd for all hard drives.

> You may also need to be careful with how much space there is between the 
> beginning of the disk and where your sda6 partition begins.  Grub uses 
> the BIOS for some (all?) of its disk access functionality and so it has 
> the same limits on disk size that the BIOS has.
> I had this problem, because it happens that the BIOS on my machine has 
> the worst case limit, 512 MB.  I had a Linux partition beginning after a 
> 2G other OS partition, and grub couldn't boot it.  I had to make a 
> small, separate partition for /boot, in front of that other OS partition 
> (fortunately, I had a space set aside that I could divide in two to do 
> this), so it was within the range grub could work with, to get the 
> kernel loaded.

Also note this;
On my system, I have these GRUB entries;
(hd0) = 1st *system* Harddisk
(hd1) = 2nd *system* Harddisk, but located at (SM) Secondary Master (which is
the 3rd IDE position). 

Most are aware of this - but I recently noticed that my 2nd HD is on hd*c*, yet
I would've assumed that BRUBwould assign that as hd2 - since it's the 3rd IDE
device (the 2nd IDE device, hdb, is an ATAPI CD Drive).

So, using an older Intel Mobo, PII, a typical IDE setup, I have
PM = (hd0,0) = 1st Harddisk, 1st partition
PS = CDRW = nothing for GRUB
SM = (hd1,0) = 2nd Harddisk, 1st partition
SS = DVDRW = nothing for grub

Note that SM is the 3rd IDE device...yet GRUB sees it as the 2nd.

IOW - my one (likely unnecessary) small point is; GRUB doesn't count ALL the
IDE devices when assigning it's 0,1,2,3 - only Fixed Disks are
noticed/seen...(likely something to do with the int13 extensions that IDE
Harddisks use, but that's just a guess at best).


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