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Re: How do I configure Audigy LS Soundcard? ALSA, Etch, 7.1 speaker

Søren Christensen wrote:

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 12:02:17PM +0200, steef wrote:
Søren Christensen wrote:

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 07:25:50AM +0200, steef wrote:

Søren Christensen wrote:


On my new computer I'm trying to set up my Audigy LS SoundBlaster

I have run alsaconf several times, chosing the snd-ca0106 drivermodule.

Alsaconf has found these cards:
hda-intel   Intel Corporation 8210G
ca0106      Creative Labs SB Audigy LS
legacy      Probe legacy ISA (non-PnP) chips

When I use ca0106 and a 7.1 speaker-system I get no sound-output.

When I use hda-intel and plug a simple 2.0 speaker into the onboard
soundcard it works.

But I bougth the extra soundcard and speakerset to get better sound, can
anyone help getting this to work.

The speaker set works, it is possible to plug in an external
sound-source (i.e. a laptop).

I hope it is just to set the soundcard up in the right way.


you could try to turn your intel_sound_chip off; somewhere in the bios of your machine. that did the trick for me on my machine, working on sarge 2.6.8_kernel with a soundblaster card working with the ca0106 chip. install -of course- alsamixer to be able to put surrounding sounds a.o. on.

but: nota bene: the older versions of the ca0106 chip were bugged: see the alsa_webpage. so you possibly have to compile a newer driver (1.0.11) from /usr/src/alsa into your kernel.

hope this helps somewhat,

kind regards,


Still no sound, I disabled the audio in the bios-setup, and now I cannot
choose the Intel-onboard sound, so far so good.

Is there any log-file, that can give me a hint for whats (not)


maybe i am stupid to ask this: but, did you put on the sound with your mixer?

Yes I did :-)

Thank you very much for the additional information. I will look into it.
But right now I do not have the needed time.

what kernel are you using? what distro? did you compile the alsa-driver yourself or are you using the debian_version (built-in in the 2.6.x-kernels)? did you install alsa-utils and/or alsa-base and the alsa-libs?

are you using the right chip? if you read the adequate webpages on the alsa-website you can see that different soundblaster_cards need different chips. maybe that is the problem?

I myself prefer to compile/install the driver-source (--tar.gz) as root in/from the directory /usr/source/alsa directly into the kernel. that works only if you install your kernelheaders and get rid of a small 'lockup-file' within lib/modules/kernel &&. install as root alsa-libs and alsa-utils as well. on this way I got a - really good!- sound immediately out of my soundblaster-card. the on_board intel8x0 sound chip seems to confuse, when turned on *together* with the soundblaster_card, my audio_programs. that 's the reason i turned it off.

by the way: did you put snd-ca0106 in /etc/modules ? some logs you can find in /usr/src/alsa/alsa_driver, if you compile your alsa-driver into the kernel yourself. there may be other logs i do not know of.

kind regards,

you are welcome



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