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Re: Sarge Kernel Image Package Question

On (29/06/06 10:57), Ralph Katz wrote:
> On 06/29/2006, Linas ?virblis wrote:
> > Why should it? Many people prefer to manually choose their kernels, as
> > this is not something you can upgrade at any given time. It is not a
> > problem either way - installing or removing a meta package is not that
> > hard, is it?
> Hi Linas,
> You are correct that installing the meta package is not hard.
> The issue is security; without the meta package, kernel updates are
> /not/ automatic with apt-get/aptitude upgrades.  For desktop users and
> non-developers like me who maintain our own systems, it's easy to miss
> the fact that kernel security updates are skipped without the meta
> package.  For this reason, I believe the current default installation
> procedure and docs are flawed.

When I used the installer the other day I was given a choice of kernels
to install. There were 2 2.6.x actual kernels, and the two associated
meta-packages. Perhaps you could make a proposal to the debian-installer
team, that they put a little explanation underneath of what the
difference is.

Also, you could propose to those who are responsible for the
installation manual that they include a paragraph explaining the purpose
of the meta-packages, and the pros/cons of installing them.


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