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Re: config file for bittornado command-line options?

> I've been using the bittornado command-line clients on linux and I
> want to know how to set --max_upload_rate --max_download_rate
> --minport and --maxport somewhere like a home-directory dotfile so I
> don't have to remember to set them every time I run the command.

The easiest way is to set an alias in your ~/.bashrc (or the rc file of
your favourite shell other than bash). Something like

alias btdc="btdownloadcurses --max_upload_rate 10 --minport 10000"

should do. Re-source the rc file ('. ~/.bashrc', mind the dot) and run
'btdc http://sometorrent' to try it out.

> I have a ~/.BitTornado directory but no config file in it. Where/how
> can I set these options?

btlaunchmany understands the option "--save_options 1" which puts config
files in this directory. But the generated config files are not taken
into account by the other clients.

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