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Re: Debian package of the day

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 01:52:51AM -0700, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 June 2006 04:17 pm, Lance Simmons wrote:
> > * Joshua J. Kugler <joshua@eeinternet.com> [060623 16:49]:
> > > Looks cool...how about an RSS feed? :)  I could stand to learn
> > I second the request for an RSS feed.  That's pretty much the only
> > way I ever read websites any more.
> A feed is definitely on the todo list.  I want to put in a couple of 
> features first, such as some basic filtering (do we *really* need to 
> know about package kde-i18n-cy?).  Good to see interest here.

you could probably, IMHO, ignore just about any i18n package. Likewise
you could probably ignore any lib* package as well. Or even better,
you could set-up a couple versions of the potd. One for desktop users
that focuses only on apps, one for dev's that includes libs, maybe one
for cli junkies that greps for no X11 dependencies and so forth. just
a thought.


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