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Re: force stable package if avail

On 6/28/06, Jean-Sebastien Pilon <> wrote:
Hello all,

Sometimes I need to install testing and/or unstable packages. The thing
is that I would like to keep all to stable if possible...


I need sun-java5-jdk with is only in unstable

I want all dependencies to be installed from stable if possible

Is there a way I can tell apt to use stable and only testing and
unstable when package not in stable ???

I force 'testing' versions of everything so I understand what you are asking.

I would put a line in my /etc/apt/apt.conf that looks like this:
APT::Default-Release "stable";
or maybe "Sarge";
whichever works.

And when you go to install sun-java5-jdk, install it thusly:
# apt-get install sun-java5-jdk/unstable

Of course, your sources.list will actually have to have an 'unstable'

You may get lots of dependency complaints as the propery versions of
things aren't found in stable.  You can try manually entering them on
the command line and forcing the 'testing' version or if you have to
the 'unstable' version.

Basically, if it isn't in stable, you are going to have to tell
apt-get to get it anyway.

It takes a few extra steps but it keeps you from accidentally
installing a super-unstable version of something that you didn't mean
to install.


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