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Re: Partitioning an FTP server

On 26.06.06 13:03, Jean-Sebastien Pilon wrote:
> I tend to do this... this is assuming that users will have their home
> folders in /home ;)
> /		--> 512 MB
> /boot		--> 256 MB
> /usr		--> 2 GB
> /var		--> 2 GB
> /var/log	--> 2 GB
> /tmp		--> 1 GB
> /home		--> what is left

I do not think there's any need to have separate prtition for /boot (unless
your BIOS can't boot from larger partitions), /usr, /var/log (unless you
have very MUCH logs) and /tmp. I mount tmpfs on /tmp (siz=128m).

I probably would use this schema:

/	2GB
swap	1GB
/var	4GB
/home	the rest

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