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Recent changes to python packages: how to import?

I used to be able to use

 from elementtree.ElementTree import parse

After the recent flurry of updates to python packages this results in
the following:

  % python
  % ~
  Python 2.3.5 (#2, Jun 13 2006, 23:12:55)
  [GCC 4.1.2 20060613 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-4)] on linux2
  Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
  >>> from elementtree.ElementTree import parse
  Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  ImportError: No module named elementtree.ElementTree

Not exactly what I want. How do I go about importing python modules


% dpkg -l \*elementtree\*
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                   Version        Description
ii  python-celementtree    1.0.5-6        Light-weight toolkit for XML processing
ii  python-elementtree     1.2.6-9        Light-weight toolkit for XML processing
pn  python2.3-celementtree <none>         (no description available)
un  python2.3-elementtree  <none>         (no description available)
pn  python2.4-celementtree <none>         (no description available)
pn  python2.4-elementtree  <none>         (no description available)

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