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Nvidia (their's) driver on multiple kernels.

When I choose to reinstall the current Nvidia driver on my Linux box, 
their .run program correctly first removes the existing version and then 
procedes with all the steps which successfully install (reinstall) the Nvidia 
graphics driver. GEforce 440.

Now, I had it working on a 2.6.16 kernel. I add a 2.6.17 kernel and boot that 
up just fine. Now I need the driver to work with this. So I run the .run.

First, it now incorrectly removes the driver from the 2.6.16 modules and then 
nicely installs the driver onto the 2.6.17 modules. If I want to keep more 
than one kernel around, the installer.run does not cooperate :-)

They surely would want to change this! No way to contact them?

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