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Re: how to mount usbpen on thin client?

By the "normal" way you have to mount the pen like on every other pc.
But if you use a ultra thin client you'll have to get the usb/ip [1]
module. but it's still at alpha version.


[1] http://usbip.naist.jp/

Am Dienstag, den 27.06.2006, 02:30 -0700 schrieb belahcene abdelkader:
> Hi, every body
> I use a server to manage several thin clients,
> everything is correclty running but the usb pen, and
> sound are  not correct.
> In the thin client the is a usb port, I want to use
> it, how to mount it, in other word it there a
> possibility to redirect the usb port to the thin
> cleint as the graphics is done?
> thanks for help
> bela
> best regards
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