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Re: /etc/dhclient.conf not recognised

L.V.Gandhi wrote:
> I have dhcp server in my ADSL modem cum router. I have following lines
> in /etc/dhclient.conf
> lease {
>   interface "eth1";
>   option host-name "lvghomepc";
>   fixed-address <>;
> }
> But ifconfig gives the following results.
> eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:26:54:0E:8E:C0
>           inet addr: <> 
> Bcast: <>  Mask:
> <>
> I want to connect a laptop and pc to this dhcp server by their
> respective ethernet ports and do lan jobs between pc and laptop.
> Where am I doing mistake?
> -- 
> L.V.Gandhi
> http://lvgandhi.tripod.com/
> linux user No.205042 

Will your DHCP server allow you to bind to  If not, then
your DHCP client won't be able to override the server.  Something else
to consider is that if your client already has bound to in
the past, you might have to clear out some old leases in order to get it
to bind to the new IP number.


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