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Re: immigrate Debian from an older disk to a newer one?

Don't forget about the master boot record and partition tables.  I used
mondorescue to mirror my desktop here at work, but I've also used dd
with good results.  I don't think a plain cp command would get the
partition information, and anyhow, it's not likely that your new disk is
partitioned with the right filesystem.  (Imagine getting an
ext3-formatted drive at CompUSA!)

Can you give us an idea of what your current partitions look like?  For
example, the output of 'mount' or the contents of /etc/fstab.  That'll
help a bunch.


Wei Hu wrote:
> I'm planning to replace my older disk (13G) with a larger/newer hard
> disk (750G) and to maintain the machine as it is. what I want are
> replace the old disk with the new disk including the Debian (2.6.16)
> operating system and keep all the setups.
> Will it wok if I shutdown all daemons, copy all files to the new disk,
> and make sure file permissions remain the same as the old one?
> Regards
> Wei

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