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managing packages


I'm wanting to upgrade the ssh pacakge which is quite too old now, with the version from backport.
after writing the /etc/apt/preferences
   Package: *
   Pin: release a=sarge
   Pin-Priority: 500
   Package: openssh
   Pin: release a=sarge-backports
   Pin-Priority: 999

I've try a:
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade.
so it is not seeing openssh-{server,client} as a new version of ssh.

so then i've done a:
aptitude install openssh-{server,client}
and know, I've the freenx package(outside of the debian repo.) which
is gonna to be removed due to its depedency on ssh package.

Is there a way of cheating ?

And I'm also looking for documentation about `aptitude' because I've heard
that there is such way to tell aptitude to install a package from a specific

thanks in advance for your help



Geneva - Switzerland

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