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Re: Comparison of aptitude hold and pinning?

On 2006-05-26, Johannes Wiedersich <johannes@physik.blm.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:

> As with Keep, any action that was to be performed on the package is 
> cancelled. In addition, the package will not be automatically upgraded 
> [a] until the hold is removed. You may cancel a hold by issuing the 
> Install command.
> [a] That is, it will be unaffected by Actions->Mark Upgradable (U) or 
> the dist-upgrade or upgrade command-line actions.
> More on pinning can be found in the apt-howto in
> file:/usr/share/doc/Debian/apt-howto/apt-howto.en.html
> on your system.
> file:/usr/share/doc/Debian/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html#s-pin
> on debian sarge.

Thanks for the useful information.

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