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Re: Have DVD burner, will backup!

Daniel Johnson wrote:
> > Trying it out now with a noburn option with a .dar file size limit.
See if
> > this works. Am I correct to assume that it will fill the first one,
burn it
> > while filling the next one, remove it after burning/verifying and
> > until done/disk is full?
> I had never thought of burning the DVD multisession in order to
> temporary storage.  I was using the file size limit because mkisofs
> refuses to add any file larger than 2 gigs to an ISO so I needed the
> option in order to get it to fill a whole dvd at all.
> > Still takes a very long time and verifying will also take a long
time. This
> > ammount of time, if user intervention be required, will discourage
> Yeah.  The real time savings is in incremental backups where it only
> backs up the stuff that hasn't been backed up before, and changes.  I
> haven't taken that ability from dar, and put it in my script yet.
> > So sometime along the line, needed:
> > 1. Tell me how many disks I will need and some time estimates.
> When compression is being used it is impossible to know ahead of time
> exactly how much space it will take.  Time is dependent on not only
> disk IO speed, but how long it takes to compress data.  Really
> anything I come up with would be an estimate, and I'm not sure how to
> come up with a good number yet.  Maybe collecting statistics will
> set good estimation defaults.
> > 2. Option not to verity. The other script has this.
> Unverified backups should not be trusted, but I guess I can add this
> if it makes people happy.
> > 3. Exclude options. I think dar defaults these.
> There are a whole bunch of options hard coded into the script to not
> compress filetypes that are already compressed.  Is this what you
> mean?
> > Anyway, the slice size limit did not work. Should--simply passed on
to dar?
> significant amounts of code would have to be rewritten I think.
> In anycase my script needs work.  Thanks a lot for the feedback you
> gave me a lot of ideas.

First off -- thanks very much for your contribution to the OSS
community ;-)
Secondly - that's a very nice and decent "dedication" you've made on
your site...I commend you for that even more-so.

Now, for some questions;
I'm fairly new to linux  - Has anyone tried this;

I saw it when using 'apt-cache search zip' while searching for a zip

here's a partial list returned on my Deb Sarge 3.1r1 Kernel 2.6..8-2;
apt-zip - Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media
ark - KDE archiving tool
atool - A tool for managing file archives of various types
backup-manager - command-line backup tool for GNU Linux

backuppc - high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs

bzip2 - high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
cbmconvert - Converts different Commodore file formats between each
cdcat - media catalog program

(I have no idea why this and other apps were in the list - some apps
were returned that don't have "zip" anywhere in their name, but perhaps
the internal packaging MetaData and the pkg maintainers are too smart

anyway, I went ahead and installed it (because I'm a renegade and a
rebel) and am reading the docs about it...looks fairly nice, and
straightforward. I have no idea how to set it up (correctly, through
it's webAdmin interface and Config files, though the basic default
config seems safe -- BTW it installed Apache, and more to use ssl, cgi
and stuff) and use it yet - but what the hey. I'm reading the docs

...I'd just thought I'd throw it out there to the masses, and wondered
if anyone has experience using it. I know there are (3)mailing lists
(users, devel's only, updates) for the App and I'm looking through
those also.


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