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HPFS: Bad Magic

I'm running debian sarge on a box that has two hard disks attached,
and it turns out that my debian disk is seen as (hd1,0),

Also on the SCSI bus is an _old_ 2Gb hard disk that has an OS/2 system
on it, and I'd like to mount this disk to cull some old files from it.

I create a /mnt/os2 mount point and so:

  # mount /dev/sda /mnt/os2 -t hpfs
  HPFS: Bad Magic ... Probably not HPFS

Dmesg says:

  VFS: Can't find ext2 filesystem on device (sd8,0).

I presume the OS/2 disk device file is sda rather than sda1. Why is
the device interface file sd8 being used?

Any suggestions about how to proceed?

       Haines Brown
         ET1(SS) U.S.S. Irex 482       

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