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Need help with MBR.


I am running a dual boot system (Debian "testing" with 2.4.27 kernel
and Windows 98 SE) and I was using LILO to give me a boot menu. Well
recently I had to reinstall Windows 98 and it installed it's loader
into the MBR so my Linux boot block in the MBR was wiped out and now
LILO menu doesn't come up - it just boots directly into the Windows 98

In the past when I was running 2.2.20-idepci kernel I was able to get
back into my Debian system using the Debian Install Disk 1 and at the
boot prompt typing : "rescue root=/dev/hda2" (Windows 98 partition is
/dev/hda1), however it seems this no longer works since I upgraded to
the 2.4.27 kernel. It complains about "kernel is too old" or something
to that effect. I used a Morphix (Debian based live CD distro) disc
and was able to mount /dev/hda2 but it won't let me run lilo (there is
no LILO installed with Morphix), I need a way to boot into my Debian
system and run LILO so it reads my /etc/lilo.conf and writes a boot
block into the BIOS' MBR (master boot record). Can someone please tell
me explicitly how to do this???

Also can someone tell me how to make a boot floppy disk (3.5") once I
get my system working again so that if this happens again I can use
that to get back into Debian.


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