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Kernel Panic with Sarge

In October last year, I sent the following message 
 to Debian-User mailing list :-

 When just about to open a LaTeX file for 
editing, the screen beeped, the following syslogd 
messages appeared in xterm and then 
the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights started 
flashing in unison with the screen 
completely frozen. Ctrl-Alt-F1 didn't work 
so had to reboot from the Power button. 

kernel: CPU 0 : Machine Check Exception: 

kernel: Bank 4 : b200000000040151 

kernel: Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt 

 After the reboot both the green power 
light and the orange disk light on the front of the PC

are steady (i.e. not flickering). 

 Has anyone any suggestions please as to the possible 
 cause of this ? 

 Debian Sarge is being run on a 650 Mhz Pentium III 

 Screen freezes have occurred before with this same 
 setup (as previously reported to the Debian Users 
 Group) but without the above messages. 

 Since then, I have tried various ways to eliminate
the freezes, but they still occur. In fact they appear
to be occurring more often now.

 The following possible causes have now been
discounted :-

 (a) New fan and heatsink now in place, so overheating

     is not the cause

 (b) All the old memory has been replaced, so not a
     memory problem

 (c) A new power supply has been installed, so not a
     power supply problem

 Some people suggested replacing the CMOS battery. I
have not tried that as I think it is an unlikely
source of the problem. The system clock has not been
slowing down and also I understand that CMOS battery
problems are most likely to cause problems at boot up

 Someone suggested that it might be a video driver
problem, but I think that unlikely.

 N.B. The problems seem to have started after Linux
was changed from Debian Woody to Debian Sarge, but 
      no-one I asked seemed to think the freeze was
      to a software problem.

 The reply to uname -r gives 2.4.27-3-686 for the 
current kernel version.

 Lastly it should perhaps be mentioned that the
motherboard is an Abit BE6 II (the earliest version,
not v2.0). 

 Any help in sorting out the above long term problem
would be much appreciated.


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