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How do I access a forwarded port on Box A from Box B?

So, I have a machine behind a firewall on a remote network that is
reverse port forwarding to a machine with my home network via:
ssh -p 2222 -N -R 8080:localhost:80 bruno@myhomemachine

On myhomemachine I can surf to http://localhost:8080 and I get the
content from the machine behind the remote firewall.  All is well.

Now I want to get to that content on the remote firewalled network
from myotherhomemachine.  Unfortunately, http://myhomemachine:8080
doesn't work.

BTW, I don't think IP/Name resolution is the problem.  I'm not using
those names.  I'm using the internal IP addresses:  myhomemachine  myotherhomemachine

So, what can I do to get a SSH reverse forwarded port to be accessible
to other machine on my local network?


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