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Re: How to find play length of .ogg file using python?

Digby Tarvin wrote:

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 11:19:08AM -0700, Marc Shapiro wrote:
I am writing a program using pygame to play musical sound cues. I need a way to determine the play length of a sound file. I can get the length of .mp3 files with python-pymad. I have also installed python-pyogg and python-pyvorbis. It seems that I should be able to get the length of .ogg files with one of these packages, but the documentation and examples do not show how.

I have googled for these packages and basically have found that documentation does not seem to exist, yet. It was suggesated to check the docs for libvorbis, but I haven't been able to find this, either.

The output of VorbisFile.info() seems to be an object with various attributes, probably including the play length, but the only attributes shown in the example are channels and rate. The module is a .so file, so I can not look at python source to determine the other attributes and I would rather not have to download C source code and plow through that. Is there a list of the attributes for this object, somewhere?

Can anyone give me an easy way to find the play length of an .ogg file, or point me to where the documentation exists.

I would take a look at the source for the 'ogginfo' command, or if
performance is not important, just parse its output:

 digbyt@voyager2:/home/digbyt> ogginfo /home/digbyt/work2/...
I am hoping for a pure python method of doing this, so parsing the output of ogginfo is not my prefered method, but it DOES work.

I have not had a chance to sort through the source for ogginfo, and doing so does not thrill me, but it may give me a hint what the attribute names might be for python-pyvorbis, thereby allowing me to stick to a python solution.

Has anyone else come across this, who might be able to tell me what the attribute names are?


Marc Shapiro

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