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Re: apt-get broken, packages not fully installed or removed

Why not just keep x11-common?  It looks like a whole ton of X libraries
are already installed.  Otherwise, figure out which programs depend on
each individual library, either by dpkg --show <programname>, or by
trying to remove each library individually.

Up until a month or two ago (when I gave it away), I ran a console-only
laptop (sarge, however) that ran into these issues from time to time. 
I'm just now checking e-mail and saw the words 'reinstall' float by....

Charles Hallenbeck wrote:
> Hi Joris,
> When I add either the --force-depends or the --force-all option to the 
> dpkg --purge x11-common command, they also fail to remove the package. 
> When I then do an apt-get -f install, I get the same familiar failure as 
> I reported earlier.
> I may have to save what I can and reinstall my system, although there 
> has GOT to be a better way. I am beginning to think like a Windows user, 
> and I have never been one! 
> Chuck

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