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monitoring network uptime

Hi folks,

I have a server running in a University netowrk, and it periodically becomes
inaccessible for hours at a time.  I've spoken the the network admins, who
aren't exactly linux- friendly, and they insist the problem must be with my
box (I htink it's something to do with the ethernet jack & the switch it's
connected to).  

In order to bolster my case, I would like to set up a little program that
periodically checks the following:

-state of the eth0 device (up or down)
-state of the connection to the local gateway I connect through
-state of the connection to a laptop connected via a simple 10/100 hub in my
-state of the connection to the outside world (e.g. can I ping google?)

-CPU load
-memory load

Anyone have any suggestions how I might do something like this?  In the very
best case, the program would dump the data into a form that could easily be
plotted on a graph, so I'd get a graph of all these variables over time as
the main output.  

Or ifthere's a tool that does some part of this without me having to do all
kinds of programming work, that would be even better -- since I am a LOUSY



 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
`. `'` 	     & hemi-geek

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