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Wacom Mouse Problem Still Unsolved

xorg and xserver-xorg-input-wacom successfully installed but the wacom
mouse problem is unresolved.

The wacom stylus will move the cursor and the buttons and scroll wheel
on the pad work though the stylus often activates a feature when just
passing over it and the buttons on the pad must be pressed several times
to select and activate a feature.

If the mouse is placed on the pad it can't move the cursor but its
scroll wheel and buttons work.

I have posted this information before - May 31st - and on the
SourceForge Wacom Project help forum and have never had any responses.
Perhaps there is nothing that can be done until the next upgrade but I
miss my wacom mouse, the best mouse I've ever encountered.  If anyone
learns of anything that might restore its function please let me know.

Tom George

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