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Re: qurious find error

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 11:26:56 -0700
Bob McGowan <bob_mcgowan@symantec.com> wrote:

> ....  'find' then presumably 
> (this is a guess, I'm not familiar with the code) reads the full 
> directory listing (recursively), closes the discriptor (4), then does a 
> 'stat' on each file, for additional information.  But, since the fd has 
> been closed, it no longer exists and can't be stat'd, causing the error.

Very likely it is so. Thank you all. Why was I confused of this
particular error message? Because the "-group" is the only known (for
me) switch that cases find to error that way. For example

  sudo find /proc -name foo -print

doesn't error.

Vladimir Zolotykh

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