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Re: Re: Graphics Problem - Vaio PCG-SR7K

TonyWilks@aol.com wrote:


I am new to Debian Linux - I have installed Official Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
from 14 Binary CDs onto a Sony Vaio PCG-SR7K laptop and the system is up and
mainly running OK.

However - whatever I do I cannot get the graphics screens to display  1024 x
768 - it's locked into 800 x 600 resolution and screen quality is poor.  The
Vaio uses a Neomagic MagicMedia NM2380 - 256XL+ graphics card - and it  worked
just fine with Windows 2000 that I have replaced with Debian.

There seems to be a bunch of stuff written about this type of display
problem - but as a newcomer to Linux I am looking for a definitive guided method  to
fix this situation. Any help and step-by-step directions you can give will be
 much appreciated.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I was able to get 1024x768
using the Vesa driver, but I'd rather use the Neomagic driver if it'll
be faster.


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