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Re: apache2 - restrict download with password

> Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 17:38:50 +0200
> From: "Martin A. Brooks" <martin@antibodymx.net>
> To: Csanyi Pal <csanyipal@csanyipal.info>,
> 	Debian-User <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Re: apache2 - restrict download with password
> Csanyi Pal wrote:
> ><Location /home/csanyipal/public_html/letoltes/>
> Here lies your problem.  This needs to be the _virtual_ location, not 
> the on-disk location.

I try to read apache2 documentations on mine debian system but there 
are some errors when I opened html docs.

Then I try to search with google for virtual location but don't find 
anything about it.

So would You please explain to me what is the virtual location?

Regards, Csányi Paul
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