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Boot from SATA drive--module or built-in?


This is a kernel-related question to which I cannot find a definitive answer.

If I am not going to use an initrd image, and I want to boot Debian from an SATA drive (in a system with no PATA drives and all SATA drives) using a 2.6 kernel, then is it necessary to compile-in the specific driver for the SATA controller or is it acceptable for it to be merely a module? (When doing make menuconfig do I need a * or will an M do?)

In particular, if the SATA controller is the NVIDIA nForce4 controller, does nv-sata need to be built-in or can it just be a module?

It seems like I've read somewhere that when you want to boot from such a drive then the boot process never makes it to loading modules because it cannot find the SATA drives to begin with, requiring the specific SATA driver to be built-in. Is that right?


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