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Warning - Wishlist Coming First - Warning
         Submit bugs on webform
         Package Updates before Install
         Stupid Linux Floppy Networking Crud
Done Ranting

I have always had a fondness for debian, either stable or unstable,
My current system is an Athlon 64 3000+ with 2GB RAM.
I have 3 basic issues with the installation process,
   1. Assumption of 'Linux Floppy' Module for network configuration
            a. it doesn't exist
            b. it causes the process to fail
            c. forcedeth is the driver to call and will not run until
the 'floppy' fails
            d. finds forcedeth and assigns DHCP or etc..
                a. after reboot, the udev update whacks the eth1 to
eth0 and tries
                    firewire network
    2. Odd Assumption about BIOS, setting up GRUB
         a. I can and do specify on the fly which Hard Drive to boot from
         b. GRUB will not install to non-master hard drive
         c. No easy way to get back my WinXP BootLoader
             a. WinXP SP2 does not have the stupid fdisk unless you
figure out the Admin
                 password, hint - it does not like the one I used and
cuts off my access
         d. No easy way to add vga=0x318 to the bootloader
    3. Graphical Install crashes - screen flashes when attempting to
switch to a VT
         a. the installer said to check a log on VT4, goes crazy when
I Alt-F4 to it
         b. had to reboot
         c. damn thing sees usb keyboard and not usb mouse???

Thank You

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