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Re: New DVD+-R/RW/RAM drive

Martin A. Brooks wrote:
Curt Howland wrote:

"How can I order hardware if I don't know if it will run on my system?"

Just make sure, if it doesn't work, that you return it for a FULL refund and tell them why.

Surely a better approach would be to simply not buy it if you're not sure? _Then_ you send a note to their marketing department saying "Your product XYZ packaging does not clearly indicate whether or not it's Linux compatible therefore I have purchased product ABC from your competitor's range instead."

I actually was trying to employ such an approach by searching for some sort of compatibility database or matrix, but my "soich was to no avail". I did look at the database on xlr8yourmac and many posts on cdfreaks but came up with nothing conclusive. I definitely did not find anything (starting from google) that satisfied my linux information needs. Also, the units that I did find info on such as a couple of plexar and lg units, I couldn't find (conveniently) available in the marketplace. I was (and am) somewhat short on time and so could not do extensive searches.


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