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ATI IGP 340M and new Xorg - Where is my DRI gone?

Hi all,

I just updated Etch with the latest repackaged Xorg (7.0.20) and found
out that I lost my DRI so now I am without 3D acceleration and also
video playback is sluggish.

My video card is the infamous ATI IGP 340M (on a HP NX9010 laptop).
Having it work with 3d has always been a PITA, but with the previous
version of Xorg, it worked like a charm (well... at least as best as
it could, being a crap piece of hw itself!) and now I'm back to the
stone age again.

I wonder if I am the only one with similar hardware experiencing the
problem and if someone has found out a workaround to this "temporary
problem": I have no plans to revert to the old Xorg - when I decided
to upgrade I was aware of the risk - but I would lile to understand
why something working before is not working anymore.

Feedback, advices and suggestions are very much welcome.

Piero Piutti
Debian and Kubuntu Linux User - MacOSX User
Member of Brindisi Linux User Group - http://www.brilug.it
Network Technician, Systems Engineering Group (ICC/DPKO)
United Nations Logistics Base, Brindisi, Italy

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