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Re: Strange aptitude behaviour and crashes

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 17:50:51 -0400, Henk Boom wrote:
> Hi, ever since dist-upgrading from sarge to etch, I have been having
> some issues with aptitude. Here's an example:
> When I look at the entries for the gimp (which I do not have
> installed) in aptitude, the entry on the main list is (approximately):
> p gimp      <none> <none>
> and when I hit enter on this entry I get a page without a description,
> with only an entry for "Packages which depend on gimp" and for
> "Versions". Although there is no version listed at the top of this
> page, there _is_ a version listed as
> p 2.2.11-1
> in this Versions entry.
> When I hit enter on that version, I get a new page which is more
> complete. The version at the top right of the page is still listed as
> <none>, but there is a description of the package and the usual
> dependency information. I can't install by hitting plus at the top of
> this page, but it lets me do so when I select the entry in the
> Versions node.
> However, when try to install, aptitude tells me "Suggest 2 keeps" and
> gives me three choices, to leave both gimp and gimp-data at their
> current versions (which is [UNINST]), to install gimp-data and
> gimp-svg, or to install just gimp-data. When I pick either of the last
> two, it appears to work OK, but when I hit go and confirm, aptitude
> dies with a segfault. It might be helpful to know that when I am not
> logged in as root, it crashes after asking whether I want to become
> root, but before giving me the password prompt.
> My sources.list reads:
> deb ftp://mirror.direct.ca/pub/linux/debian/ etch main
> deb-src ftp://mirror.direct.ca/pub/linux/debian/ etch main
> deb ftp://mirror.direct.ca/pub/linux/debian/ etch non-free
> deb ftp://mirror.direct.ca/pub/linux/debian/ etch contrib
> I have an identical problem with trying to install inkscape. These are
> both programs which I had installed from backports before
> dist-upgrading from sarge, but uninstalled when I upgraded.

I would check if the problem is with aptitude or if it occurs at a
"lower" level in the packaging system. Try if the following commands
produce reasonable output:

apt-cache policy gimp
apt-cache show gimp

(The first one should list all versions of gimp that apt knows about,
 and the second one should print a package description.) 

You could also try to install gimp and inscape via apt-get:

apt-get install gimp inkscape

If apt-cache and apt-get work then you probably have some problem in
aptitude's configuration files. It might help to purge aptitude and
reinstall it:

apt-get remove --purge aptitude
apt-get install aptitude


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