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Problems with SkyStar 2 DVB-S card

We have a Debian unstable gateway installed connected to internet via ADSL and pci dvb card + satellite antenna. We push our requests to our satellite provider through ADSL and get answers via satellite antenna and dvb card. It worked fine, but suddenly, on Sunday something happened and we lost connection to our sattelite internet provider. We double checked the frequencies and symbol rates, everything was fine, the antenna is aligned to the satellite, the signal is adequate and strong enough (we measured it with a special device), finally, we installed this very card from our gateway to another machine (but with a windows OS installed) and everything works fine. We can do "szap -f /etc/channels.conf <our provider>" and see FEE_HAS_LOCK, we also see that the signal strengh is as usual, we have already had worse one and everything worked fine. But when we do "dvbtraffic" we see no output, as usual (there were some digits, frequencies, bandwidths or something else). We tried to change upgrade the kernel (at the time we use 2.6.12) to 2.6.15, no help. So we are stuck, no more ideas left except trying the fresh install :-) If somebody has ideas or have already had similar situation would you please help.

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