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Re: /etc/hosts.deny how to use it?

Chuck Payne wrote:
> Hi,
> I am being hit by some ips that I like to block. I like to know how can
> I use hosts.deny for the ALL statement

The hosts.deny file is only used by applications that have been compiled
to work with tcpwrappers.  If you want a surefire way of blocking IPs,
then look at one of the firewall solutions (I prefer shorewall).
Alternatively, you can look at a blacklisting daemon, which monitors for
suspicious activity and then blacklists the offending IP for a specific
length of time.  I am not such a big fan of that approach, but it is
used.  You might also want to consider rate-limiting connections to
certain ports (like I have a rate limit of 1/min for ssh connections to
my machines, which slows them down enough that they lose interest after
the first failed attempt).


Roberto C. Sanchez

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