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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Ron Johnson wrote:

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Katipo wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:


This is a consequence of the fact that, in the USA, the Sovereign is
the Electorate,
Yes, but that's all rapidly changing, isn't it?

When was *your* Head of State elected?  Oh, wait, she wasn't, was she?
Now, now.

Just because I'm not American, don't assume I'm English.
It's a big world out here.

I come from a country that currently has its second, elected, female head of state in office.

Oh, hang on a minute!
How many female American presidents have there been?

We're funny people, we New Zealanders.
We're not afraid of our women, like that.
We actually like them taking care of the home front.
It actually feels normal.

We've got more important things to do than the housework.

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