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Re: source code editor

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 13:49:26 +0200, Ivan Glushkov wrote:
>Angel L. Mateo wrote:
>>El jue, 01-06-2006 a las 10:12 +0200, Ivan Glushkov escribió:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I would like to know which is the best & lightest editor for source
>>>code editing, which supports syntax highlighting. Currently when I
>>>want to edit fast some C/C++ file I am opening it with pico. I looked
>>>around, but it seems like it does not support syntax highlighting.
>>	Have you tried vi?
>Actually I did tried. But in my case vi is doing some strange things
>like for example the Backspace button is making the letter capital, but
>not deleting it, etc.

VIM is in general to prefer over plain vi.

Even though I'm using VIM exclusively for coding I'm the first one to
admit that it isn't an easy editor to get used to. I can promise you
though that it's worth the effort you'll put into using it. Newsforge
has been running a few articles lately on "advanced" topics in VIM.


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