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Re: Change screen resolution

--- Roby <ElectricalSciences@Adelphia.net> wrote:

> lmyho wrote:
> > All,
> > 
> > I just installed debian on an older computer yesterday, but the screen
> > resolution is so poorly set, which is actually different from the
> > resolution I have set during the
> > initial system configuration (much lower).  It looks really terrible and
> > so uncomfortable!:((
> > 
> > The screen can be set to much higher resolution (it was in a high
> > resolution before
> > install debian).  But I can't find from where I can re-set the X windown
> > resolution! I have both gnome and kde installed, but no where I can find
> > place to change the resoluion!
> > 
> > Please anyone could tell me how can I change it?  the current too low
> > resolution just kills me.:((
> > 
> > All helps are highly appreciated.  Thanks!
> > 
> > Leo

> > 
> >From the K Menu, select Control Center -> Peripherals -> Display.

I have checked this, but the highest I can choose from there is what I have right
now, too low to bear.:((  
So, seems like the system has set the resolution as so low, but why??  and how can I
re-set it??  Do I have to reinstall -- hope not!!

> Check the Apply settings on KDE startup box as well.
Where is KDE startup box?  I didn't find it.:(

Please help again.  Thank you!

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