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Re: running backup

On Wednesday, 31.05.2006 at 13:56 +0800, Jon  Miller wrote:

> #!/bin/sh
> # script to automate the backup of the Ruby server to the W2K3 server
> #
> DAY=`date +'%a-%d-%m-%y'`
> BACKUPDIR=/backup
> RUBYLIVE=/var/lib/mysql/
> tar -czvf /backup/rubylive${DAY}.tgz ./rubylive

(Not related to what you asked, but might be important)

Are you backing up MySQL databases here via there location in the
filesystem?  If so, this is 'unsafe', since any changes made to the
databases during your 'tar' will not be handled properly: this *could*
result in a partially- or completely-useless backup.

You should really backup MySQL databases using mysqldump instead.

If that's not what you're doing, apologies...

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