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Re: Audigy LS / ALSA Volume control

Well, I agree, but I currently have the alsaplayer / alsamixer volume
at "1%" that is the lowest possible value and I also have the stereo
amplifier volume at about 1/10. This is not normal. And what if I want
to use headphones attached straight to the computer?

This isn't critical in the sense that I can live totally without the
sound card, but I am really looking forward to having it work

From some of the alsa material I thought that it would be possible to
chain the ALSA controls so that I could have a "pre amplifier" that
would reduce the volume before the main alsaplayer / alsamixer volume
control. I haven't figured out any way to actually to this, however.

If I use a sound server like ESD or aRTs or JACK can I use them to
reduce volume before the sound goes to ALSA? If so, which one should I

Thanks again,


On 5/30/06, Donald Teed <donald.teed@gmail.com> wrote:
It's normal to not turn up the speakers to maximum to avoid
distortion.  Why not control the volume with the speakers
volume control?

On 5/30/06, Pirkka Jokela <pirkka.jokela@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently bought a new computer and installed Debian unstable for amd64 on
> it. I'm having trouble with my Creative Soundblaster Audigy LS card.
> I am trying to use ALSA with my card and the ca0106 module. I get sound from
> the card, but the sound is really loud and I have to have my volume setting
> at the lowest possible value in alsamixer (or Gnome ALSA mixer) and the
> sound still almost "breaks".
> I have tried all the plugs in the sound card and I have the right one as it
> is the only one that works and it is color coded green. I'm using the analog
> out and the card doesn't even have SPDIF, even  though ALSA offers SPDIF
> controls in the mixer.
> I'm able to adjust the volume with a hardware stereo system, but it would
> really help if I could get the volume that comes out of the computer down to
> normal line out levels.

Pirkka Jokela

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