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Re: wake-on-lan

The way you shut the box down isn´t supposed to have any effect on the ability to wake it up.  To wake up the machine has to be an atx form, and be powered on, as you can figure by the lighting ethernet led, in the box´s rear.
I´m guessing you have some issue with acpi. What machine is this?

On 5/30/06, Roel Schroeven < rschroev_nospam_ml@fastmail.fm> wrote:

I have a box running Debian Unstable that I'd like to power on via
wake-on-lan. I had it running some time in the past; at some point in
time it stopped working, but I didn't care that much about it so I
didn't investigate it further.

Now I did investigate, and this is what I found out: given that the BIOS
is configured correctly, I can remotely wake the box if I shut it down
before it boots Linux (it works if I shut it down while the Grub menu is
visible), but it doesn't work if I shut it down when Linux is running. I
tried shutting it down via poweroff, shutdown -h now and pushing the
power button, but all with the same effect: no response to wake-up packets.

So, what can I do to enable the wake-on-lan feature again?

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Roel Schroeven

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