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Re: [Getting OT: hardware sensors] Re: sensors, alarms, crashes!

Matt Price wrote:
On 5/4/06, Matt Price <moptop99@gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry not to reply, I've been very busy lately...

for what it's worth, I am running  little stress test, simultaneousluy
playing a dvd in the dvd-drive, and ocmpiling a kernel.  I'm getting
slight shifts on the voltages:

+12v --> +13.31;
+5V -->   +4.46

The 12V is OUT OF SPEC. The 5V should be 5V +/- 10%,
and usually I set them to 5.05V under essentially no load.
The 4.46V looks a little low, but not worrisomely so.

cpu temp up to 70. (thisi s an athlon k7 2400+).

This does not look worrisome.

So I think (a) anything involving the DVD is clearly a bit dodgy; and
(b) I probably need a new power supply.

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